Success Stories

Just want to thank Mike and his team at Pools and More for all their hard work and confidence in restoring our pool. It has been 30 years or so since we’ve enjoyed our pool as much as we have recently. It’s just beautiful. We could have never done it without their confidence and expertise.

Don Cavanaugh, Gainesville

It was great working with Mike. He would show us actual pools and give us
design ideas. He also offered style advice and ways to not only make the pool look
better, but to make it safer for our family too.

Having our pool is my childhood dream come true. The kids have wanted one for years.
It’s so nice to just walk out your back door and there it is. You can have your own mini
resort right in your own backyard. And of course, you can’t beat it as a way to cool off
on a hot day.

We would definitely recommend Mike and his team at Pools & More to anyone. He’s so
easy to work with, explains how long each step will take, actually listens to your ideas,
and is just a really nice guy.

David & Yvonne Johnston

When we think of Mike from Pools & More, the words that come to mind are reliable,
Professional and effective. Our pool has never looked so good. Having Pools & More
come to the house for a minimal charge saves us a lot time going to the pool store and
trying to maintain it on our own. They know what to do and how to do it.

For example, they fixed our hot tub blower which had been broken for over a year. We were putting off doing it because we didn’t have time to shop for subcontractors. Mike fixed it for us immediately. We also notice all the little extra things they do like straightening up around the pool deck and even putting away the hoses that were out when they got there. Mike’s just the kind of guy that goes the extra mile for his customers.

We would highly recommend Pools & More, in fact, we have already referred them to many of our friends.

Ed & Elena Mayo

Recently we had a pool installed. Thought I would let everyone know that if for any reason you
are thinking of installing a pool, having your pool repaired or needing general maintenance Mike
Flanagan with Pools & More at 352-514-4504 is the one that I would recommend. He kept us
informed through the entire process and amazingly enough finished as promised. In today’s world
it is very difficult to find a business or anyone that follows through on what they say.

Terry Jones

Mike, just wanted to say thanks for everything. Dan was here for about 1hr. and 15 minutes
and did a beautiful job. Just what I envisioned. Rick and Gary teamed up for some real quality
workmanship. I had seen Rick’s tile work over at my neighbors and was extremely impressed
with his attention to detail so it came as no surprise that his plumbing work displayed the same
craftsmanship. Everyone has been so great. I am thrilled with the pace at which the project is
moving as much as I am with the quality of the work. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Kevin & Nell Rainsberger